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shopping site of all. how do they get it to you so fast? power struggle is getting worse in egypt. growing fight between a president once hailed as a hero and angry protesters threatening a revolution. road rage caught on camera but not in the way you might think. how folks on two wheels are turning into four wheelers who don't play nice on the road. making a difference for families who thought their most cherished memories were lost forever. good evening. by any measure this weekend has been a bonanza for retailers. we went from gray thursday to black friday and we're rounding the corner into cyber monday. one of our viewers suggested today should have been dubbed so broke sunday. say what you will about the
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state of the economy but americans didn't hold back this holiday weekend. a record number of shoppers were out there, 247 million in all. the amount spent per shopper last year, total spending was up, online sales was up too. that doesn't include all the online spending about to happen tomorrow. we begin with kristen dahlgen at a mall in california. kristen. >> reporter: good evening, kate. those door buster deals may be gone but the shoppers aren't. you can see them up here wrapping up a retail at the national retail federation is calling as impressive as we've seen. from the moment doors opened thursday before the thanksgiving dishing were even done until they close tonight almost a quarter billion shoppers will have been online or in stores. >> put my sneakers on and go for it. >> reporter: shopping started earlier than ever. in spite of the employee protests, the early opening paid off. more than 35 million shopped on
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thanksgiving. six million more than last year. black friday was big too. 89 million brave the crowds in search of those hard to beat bargains up from 86 million last year. >> the biggest wish list is -- >> reporter: americans spent more too. the average shopper spent $423 this weekend up from 398 last year for a total of $59.1 billion. it's not just the store seeing the boom. for the first time online spending topped $1 billion on black friday well before so called cyber monday also expected to break records. >> great for me. don't have to get off the couch. we don't have to go anywhere. it's easier shopping. >> reporter: while shoppers were out in holiday force this weekend, not emp wveryone was spending freely. many shoppers say they will be cautious concerned about the economy and the gridlock of the
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fiscal cliff. >> they will pull back. they don't know what to expect for 2013. they want to remain cautious as we move into the next year. >> reporter: to that point, two-thirds of shoppers say they will use cash or debit cards. we're seeing consumers do a lot more research online and smartphones. kate. >> retail analysts predicting another first this year. for the first time ever online shopping could exceed 10% of all holiday spending. the folks who track these things tell us that amazon was the most visited retail site of all over the holiday weekend, but what happens after your click your mouse and make a purchase. we got an inside look at one of amazon's largest hubs in the u.s. >> reporter: from the moment you check out at the process begins. your item is picked, sorted, packed and shipped. this is what the holidays look
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like here at amazon. to give you some perspective this is one of 40 across the country packed with thousands of items in time for the holiday rush. they're going to need them. last cyber monday they sold more than 200 items per second. one glance at the shelves and it seems workers can shop where ever they can find space. >> they don't have to worry about where they are putting thi things. >> where will there's space there's product? >> it is. it doesn't matter what is next to next. >> reporter: workers will physically pick up every item per order and those items could be anywhere. >> is this your exercise for the day. >> you get your cardio and toning the up your legs going up and down the stairs. >> reporter: veteran picker jaime may cover several miles a day, picking product, scanning
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them and sending them off to be shipped. she says it's starting to feel a lot like christmas. >> more picks. more orders are coming in. more energy. >> reporter: as the workload increases so does the stress. >> do you ever dream about work? >> i have, yes. i've dreamt about picking items. >> reporter: sometimes items are too far apart to walk. this is amazon's biggest fulfillment center. it's the equivalent of 28 football fields which explains why some employees need tricycles to get around. with this year's holiday season expected to be the biggest one yet, amazon has brought in 50,000 additional workers. >> work hard and make it. >> reporter: an online operation that depends on the human touch to fulfill the holiday wishes. phoenix, arizona. turning oversea to the
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renewed crisis in egypt. the violence is getting worse and tengss are rising unless the in the new president backs down. jim is watching it for us in cairo. good evening. >> reporter: today six aids of president morsi resigned. the latest sign of what some are calling his power grab is giving his inner circle some serious second thoughts. day four of the crisis and it's starting to look like revolution again. now filled with dozens of tents and protesters who refuse to leave until president morsi backs down or resigns. they clash again with rioters who were caught brutally beating and dragging away several protesters. casualties are mounting on both sides as anger against morsi
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gr grows. >> translator: everything is still the same. we have replaced a corrupt regime with another brutal rejust a minute. >> reporter: the latest turmoil begain thursday when morsi decreed sweeping powers for himself claiming that would speed up toward a new constitution and democracy. >> we tried to take care of the countries that try to secure stability for this country. >> reporter: only his islamist supporters were buying it. >> we want a new president. >> reporter: many judges and journalists have gone on strike. this union meeting today turned chaotic when a group of journ journalists assaulted a boss. at this muslim headquarters more casualties today. one dead and dozens were wounded when angry youths attacked the officers. the uncertainty is taking a toll
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on egypts struggling economy. today the stock market plunged 10%. >> translator: the stock exchange is worse now than in the revolution. >> reporter: it may get worse. tens perhaps hundreds of thousands of protester will be less than a mile apart making it a perfect storm for more clashes and casualties. now to israel and gaza where the fragile peace is holding tonight though signs of mistrust we are clear today as israel displayed a new show of force. martin fletcher has our report from tel aviv. >> reporter: this was the new reality this weekend. israeli soldiers on one side of the gaza fence, palestinian police yards away on the other
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sharing the same goal to protect the cease-fire. islamic cleric in gaza went a step further declaring it a sin to violate the truce. israeli school kids in the south went back to school today, some damaged by palestinian rockets. their parents hoping the calm means no more war. >> i told my daughter this was the last time and the calm will remain for years. i sure hope so. >> reporter: london sunday times reported today that israelis spotted an iranian cargo ship loading long range rockets for islamic militant groups in gaza. it quoted a source saying if the ship is headed for gaza regardless of the cease-fire israel will destroy the arms. despite its promise to observe the cease-fire hamas is defiant. >> they won the war. >> reporter: what about beginning the real peace proc s
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process. >> with hamas forget about it. anything with israel is f forbidd forbidden. what drives them is islam. >> reporter: news of the first testing of the first anti-rocket missile. it was moved up due to the general sense of urgency. officials said it was successful. martin fletcher, tel aviv. firefighters are searching for victims a day after a fire tore through a garment factory in bangladesh killing 112 people. many were unable to escape because they became trapped by flames. fire officials say the building lacked emergency exits. it makes products for walmart and other businesses in the u.s. congress returned from the
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holidays still facing the fiscal cliff. if a deal can't be reached by january 1st americans will face half a trillion more in taxes next year coupled with a hundred billion dollars in cuts to domestic and defense spending. since the reagan era most republicans have day caretaken promising they won't raise taxes. mike viqueira says there may be flexibility on both sides of the aisles. >> reporter: it's a pledge almost all republicans have signed to oppose tax increases of any kind. today shit was showing cracks. >> the world has changed and the economic situation is different. >> reporter: republicans insist in return for defying part doctrine they must have changes in social security and medicare. >> i will sign only if they undo
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entitlement reform. >> reporter: be president has put them on the table before. during last year's failed talks on a grand bargain and more recently in his first post election press conference. >> we have to continue to take a serious look at how we reform our entitlements because health care costs continue to be the biggest driver of our deficits. >> reporter: mr. obama has insisted tax rates must rise. today a top democrat signalled openness to the republican stance. revenue could be raised by closing loopholes and limiting deductions. >> they have to go up either real tax rates or effective tax rates. >> reporter: tax begin this week amid tentative steps toward common ground. >> we can't go off the fiscal cliff. we have to show the world we're adults. the election is over. >> reporter: one ceo of honeywell said there's so much uncertainty hanging over the economy because business isn't
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confident that washington can go its basic job. he says people like me just aren't hiring. kate. mike viqueira at the white house. senator john mccain softened his tone after vowing to block the nomination of u.n. ambassador susan rice to be hillary clinton's successor. he argued that rice damaged her credibility when she said the attack was a spontaneous protest to an anti-muslim video not a planned terror attack. today mccain was asked if he might change his mind about ambassador rice. >> i give everyone the benefit of explaining their position and the actions that they took. i'll be glad to have the opportunity to discuss these issues with her.
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take a look at this dramatic rescue out in oregon. firefighters pulled the driver out of his pickup truck after he crashed into the railing and ended up dangling from an overpass yesterday afternoon. the driver is okay. he is now facing drunk driving charges. now to a sign of the times. more cars on the roads competing with more biscycles on the road.
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some cyclists are turning to technology to document what they see as an increase in road rage directed at them. >> reporter: for evan wilder it was supposed to be another bicycle commute to work at national geographic but this day in august he went down hard after a driver screamed at him to move over. then -- >> i think he intentionally targeted me because i was in his way and maybe slid him down. >> you could have been seriously injured. >> could have been dead. >> reporter: he walked away with scrapes, bruises, a shoulder rotator cuff and the driver's license plate. lots of cyclists are documenting their daily encounters on the road from intimidation in
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colorado. >> i have no idea what this guy is doing. i'm riding right of the white line. >> reporter: to hit and run in california. both of these riders were unharmed. bicycling have never been more popular. commuting is up 47% nationally. up 80% in bicycle friendly areas. in 2010, 52,000 were injured and 618 killed in urban areas between the hours of 4:00 and 8:00. be victims male. the average age 42. with so many drivers and cyclists sharing the road there's a perception no one is obeying the road. psy cyclists unwilling to stop and stop signs and motorists unwilling to give them the room they need. >> we all have had things thrown
3:49 pm
at us, pushed off the road. >> reporter: former olympic cyclists is a lawyer representing cyclists. >> they have the same rights that you have. you can pass them. you have to do so safely. >> reporter: back in d.c. the video came in handy. the police found the driver who hit evan wilder. he's plead not guilty to charges of assault and leaving the scene of an accident. we're back in a moment with the surprise shower impossible for the weather man to predict. of washington about the future of medicare and social security. anncr: but you deserve straight talk about the options on the... table and what they mean for you and your family. ancr: aarp is cutting through all the political spin. because for our 37 million members, only one word counts. get the facts at let's keep medicare... and social security strong for generations to come.
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they will play another show on thursday before heading to the stage for a few shows in new york and new jersey. decent seat at those new york shows are going for more than $1500. you might need to win the lottery. nobody matched the winning numbers so the money rolled over. the jackpot is a power ball record at $425 million. the next drawing is on wednesday. just like the new york yankees or the miami heat you either love them or hate them. the fighting irish are set to play for college football national championship for the first time in a quarter century. notre dame beat usc last night. likely against alabama or georgia who will face off in the sec championship game next saturday. take a look at this. the sun was shining but it was pouring on the field today in miami. the sprinklers came on in the
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treasured photos once they have been damaged or can you? that's how one remarkable group is making their story. >> reporter: linda is pouring over family photos. after superstorm sandy the images are all that's left of her family history. >> my mother-in-law was so beautiful. >> reporter: memories nearly swept away when six feet of water flooded her basement. >> most of these people are gone. we can never get them back. it's part of our history. we're just so happy to be able to show them to our kids. >> reporter: now photographers are helping linda preserve that history. >> the photos are on this paper which you're not going to be able to take off. >> reporter: they're part of a volunteer group called shoot for change using cameras and smartphones to duplicate the images exposed to salt water and mold. >> there's no amount of money to replace photographs of your
3:57 pm
family and friends. >> reporter: photographs snapped in homes to generations of the families. >> prom back in the day, graduation. >> reporter: amanda is sifting through thousands of photos. >> it was a container full of water with my pictures swimming across the top. it was heartbreaking. >> reporter: anyone with a smartphone can help restore and replace those photos utilizing new technology to save the hold. >> the smartphones have been the easiest and most efficient way that we can preserve these old photographs from the 30s and 40s. >> reporter: and restore them with programs like photoshop. >> your life is on the street waiting for the sanitation department and you realize, i still have this and it is a treasure. >> reporter: giving families a renewed focus on what matters
3:58 pm
most. michelle franzen, nbc news, new york. >> that's "nightly news" for this sunday. brian williams will be here tomorrow. football night in america. the packers and giants tonight. i'm kate snow. have a great night.
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"sunday night football", the number one prime time show on tv, with the big

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